Why Sequence Health?

MDnetSolutions is Now Sequence Health

Following two years of intensive product development and infrastructure upgrades along with enhanced support services and professional talent, MDnetSolutions is proud to announce a rebranded image for the platform, products, and services empowering your patient engagement strategies.

MDnetSolutions is now Sequence Health, and together we are smarter every step of the way.

"The rebranding effort allows us to better portray the company's purpose and mission to support and improve the patient-provider relationship. We are excited to introduce our streamlined, smart approach to patient engagement to an even broader audience than ever before," said Kris Altiere, Director of Marketing and Creative.

Over the past 15 years, the company was known for its patient outreach programs, educational communication, insurance processing, medical clearances and clinical team collaboration solutions.

"With our new Sequence software platform and suite of complementary services, we are well positioned to help our clients achieve their goals in terms of volume growth, efficiency gains, and better patient outcomes,” said John Richmond. "With all of the change impacting the healthcare industry, I am confident in our ability to help clients navigate these challenges and thrive, in both volume and value-based environments.”

Sequence Health offers patient acquisition, management, and retention solutions allowing you to realize optimal results at every point along the care continuum.

Contact Sequence Health to learn about our smart solutions for managing the sequence of events leading to optimal outcomes for both patients and providers. Call (888) 986-3638 or contact us online.

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