Our Patient Management Software Lets You Engage Patients Without Demanding Time and Attention from Your Staff

Your success depends on the well-being of every patient. This requires closely monitoring their steps of care and making sure they are adhering to doctor's orders.

Scheduling consultations, surgeries, follow-up visits and other patient appointments is a necessity for you to be successful, and Sequence Health can help with our patient management software so that your care team's focus remains with helping patients.

Streamline the patient intake process with Sequence, our cloud-based responsive platform enabling companies to track every step of the patient's care from the initial phone call to follow-up visits and into the outcomes management process.

  • Quickly schedule patients for appointments, follow-up visits, or procedures

  • Manage weekly and monthly doctor schedules

  • Accurately intake detailed patient information

  • Easily search and update patient medical contact information

  • Allow patients to schedule appointments online through a patient portal

  • Navigate appointment calendars effortlessly for multiple hospitals departments






Medical Call Center Representatives Provide Personal Assistance

Sequence Health offers an easy solution to reaching out to every patient with our appointment setting services. Our solution allows an appointment scheduler or care coordinator to make appointments online.

With our full-service Medical Call Center, we answer every phone call from patients. As an extension of your office, Sequence Health care coordinators engage your patients by professionally handling appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, rescheduling and are able to answer any questions a patient may have regarding their care plan.

Call 888.986.3638 to ask about our patient management software and services from Sequence Health, your solution for patient engagement that is smarter every step of the way.