Value-Based Care

Sequence as a 
Solution for CJR

Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR)

The model: Graduated bundled payment program places responsibility for patient
outcomes on the admitting hospital for the 90-day episode associated with total knee
and total hip replacement surgeries (DRG 469/470) performed across 67 markets.
Hospitals are rewarded for documented outcome improvements and penalized for
poor quality reporting and/or exceeding target costs for the procedure. The mandates
will be gradually implemented in full over a 5-year period.

If providers engage their
patients, communicate
expectations, knowledge
and support, those patients
can become actively engaged
in their own path to wellness.
Patients who are educated are
more likely to understand what
to expect during recovery and
the importance of adherence
to the care plan.


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Sequence helps you meet important CJR objectives with solutions for:

  • Patient Risk Assessment to assign patients to the most appropriate care protocol
    and alert care teams to high-risk patients
  • Pre-surgical Patient Education and outreach to ensure engagement
    and optimal outcomes
  • Evidence-based, configurable Care Pathways for patient management and
    ongoing engagement across the episode, including PRO collection tools (pre- and post-surgically)
  • Enhanced Task Management tools with workflow automation for case managers,
    nurses, and other team members to reach more patients with “less clicks”
  • Focus on post-acute Care Transitions support tools: ongoing patient surveying,
    PAC Assessment and follow up, and readmission risk mitigation
  • Analytics to surface trends easily and measure and manage performance