Manage the Medical Clearance Process with Smart Solutions from Sequence Health

Many medical procedures and healthcare treatments require that patients first complete all of their prerequisites. Sequence Health helps you move the patient along to receive the medical clearance they need, guiding them step by step toward surgery. 

Sequence Patient Management Platform

With medical clearance management services streamlined through the Sequence platform, you’ll be able to track how far in the clearance process your patients are at any given time. Our cloud-based program allows you to know where every patient is in the process, what steps still need to be taken, and how close each patient is to the finish line. 


Patient Advocates Streamline Your Medical Clearance Process

Patient advocates in our Medical Call Center reach out to encourage patients to complete and submit documents, schedule and attend doctor appointments, participate in educational seminars, and verify insurance – all processes that could determine whether or not a patient has been cleared.

Drive successful outcomes with medical clearance management services from Sequence Health, where our patient advocates deliver support that is smarter every step of the way.

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