Transition of Care Management

You are a hospital that caters to patients from beginning to end, and the term discharge advocacy describes your commitment to ensuring a positive transition of care for your patients. As discharge advocates, your medical staff is faithfully there throughout the patient's stay and afterwards during their transition of care. Discharging a patient at the end of a hospital visit is one of many steps in a multi-tiered process, and the stages that precede and follow discharge are equally as pivotal. The role of a discharge advocate includes engaging patients, managing patients, and delivering healthy outcomes. At any given time, your team could be:

  • Coordinating the team of doctors, RNs, and case managers

  • Educating patients about diseases

  • Educating patients about prescriptions

  • Informing patients about procedures, requirements, and guidelines

  • Teaching patients how to continue best practices after their care

With each one of these stages of discharge advocacy, Sequence Health can deliver the transition of care tools needed so that you and the patient succeed before, during, and after discharge. By using our Medical Call Center, 24/7 NurseLine, and patient management platform known as Sequence, you’ll be able to educate, assist, and care for the patient transitioning through each stage of the process. As an extension of your team, we will provide services that lead to positive results and ensure you are working smarter every step of the way.

  • Appointment reminders

  • Follow-up phone calls

  • Educational online seminars

  • Print and digital information guides

  • HIPAA-compliant NurseLine

To learn how our transition of care tools can work as your discharge advocate, please contact 888.986.3638 or complete our online contact form