Healthcare Providers

Realize Optimal Results with the Sequence Platform Featuring Health Care Tools Designed to Mitigate Risks and Enhance Patient Engagement

Sequence Health provides health care tools equipping healthcare providers to ignite change, drive efficiency and realize results. 

At Sequence Health we empower you to realize positive results for all parts of your practice, including patient acquisition, patient management, and patient retention. As your solution for patient engagement and risk stratification, we provide solutions to ensure you are working smarter every step of the way.


Sequence, the Platform

Our cloud-based platform known as Sequence enables you to track and capture leads from the initial point of contact, through their transition to patient status, and at every step along the care continuum. 

Configure your steps of care within patient pathways and view your entire patient population. Our intuitive dashboard is designed to put the data within your existing EMR in context to deliver a holistic view of every patient as well as the operational efficiency of your entire practice.

Acquire, Manage, and Retain Patients to Realize Optimal Results

At Sequence Health, our marketing professionals create, design, and plan a strategy to grow the visibility of your healthcare practice using our health care tools. Communication experts increase brand awareness by enhancing your online presence on search engines, in social media, and across the web.

  • Blogging

  • E-mail campaign templates

  • Branding

  • Direct mail

  • Promotion video or online video

Sequence Health Support Services

We know your patients are your top priority, and we know the burden of balancing administrative tasks and patient care. Let the support teams at Sequence Health serve as an extension of your clinical and administrative staff with friendly, knowledgeable Sequence Health professionals trained to:

  • Answer patient inquiries regarding appointments

  • Verify insurance, clearance management, and eligibility

  • Provide reminders and engagements throughout the steps of care

Sequence Health delivers expert advice on medical issues utilizing our medical call center and 24/7 dedicated NurseLine.

Discover more about how Sequence Health is ensuring you, as healthcare providers, are providing a patient experience that is smarter every step of the way through our health care tools. Call us at 888.986.3638 or contact us online

Download our Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how our Sequence platform helped to add $1 million in annual profits.