Tools for Effective Communication in Hospitals

Sequence Health provides your organization the right tools for managing communication in hospitals, assisting you in acquiring, managing and retaining your patient population. The Sequence software platform streamlines the intake process, allows care teams to configure steps of care, and enhances your existing EMR technology by putting patient data in context with real time updates based on patient engagement results at every step along the care continuum. 

Physicians and healthcare systems using the Sequence software platform have a unique ability to identify and optimize communication and risk stratification in workflows across the organization. This solution is a win/win/win … from patient engagement to physician practice growth and investment optimization with technology designed to drive out inefficiencies and allow your organization to operate smarter every step of the way.

Manage Patient Care By Viewing Your Entire Patient Population In Real Time with the Sequence Platform

While hospitals must sustain good communications and patient care on an individual level, they must also view healthcare on a broader scale. The Sequence platform lets you view your care team’s performance in real time, identify opportunities to optimize your internal processes, and empower your providers to operate smarter every step of the way.

Sequence Health has strategic solutions to enable communication in hospitals to manage and treat a large number of people in a more efficient way. With the Sequence platform supported by our  Medical Call Center and NurseLine, our team can greatly decrease time-consuming, labor intensive routines. Our systems allow everyone – doctors, medical staff, and patients – to benefit from better communications and practices that cater to a large patient population. At Sequence Health, we understand how to deliver stellar results on a pronounced level, enhancing patient engagement from acquisition to retention, delivering results that are smarter every step of the way.

Acquire Patients & Enhance the Patient/Provider Relationship

Using innovative tools and industry knowledge, Sequence Health delivers outreach programs to start a true engagement and communication in hospitals for your physicians and their patients. We provide a wide range of services and tools to create an interactive and compelling experience for all parties involved in the sequence of care.

Website Design and Development
Acquire and engage with patients by continuing the conversation online.

Electronic Interactive Forms
Easy-to-use forms provide the patients the access they need to complete necessary paperwork vital to the healthcare process.

Mobile Website Development
Be accessible to your patients with simple-to-navigate mobile sites.

Health Risk Assessment
Use our medical call center for patient screening during healthcare promotions.

Medical Call Center and 24/7 Nurseline
Build and sustain relationships by providing ongoing care. As an extension of your hospital staff, Sequence Health care coordinators reach out with a phone call for appointment scheduling, reminders, and insurance processing as well as answering rollover calls during and after regular business hours. We help establish a seamless line of communication by offering an around-the-clock NurseLine that readily assists patients in need.

Patient Education
Help patients learn about your program with the click of a mouse. Sequence Health offers simplified event registration and easy-to-use online seminars that inform patients about the optimal healthcare your hospital provides.

Patient Care Management
Our 24/7 NurseLine is staffed with highly qualified registered nurses who can knowledgeably answer patient concerns. Just like you, we meet all compliances, and customize the NurseLine and Medical Call Center to fit seamlessly alongside your brand.

To learn more about how Sequence Health can aid in communication in hospitals with your physicians, affiliated physicians, and patients, contact us at 888.986.3638 or complete our online contact form. Also, download Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how the Sequence platform helped to add $1 million in annual profits.