Let the Sequence Health Medical Call Center Manage Your Medical Insurance Verification Process

Part of the patient intake process is medical insurance verification. Yes, it’s a must-do task, but the job can also be a time-consuming one. Sequence Health saves medical practices and healthcare companies significant time and resources by completing the pre-authorization, pre-certification, and pre-determination processes for you.

The Sequence Health Medical Call Center provides insurance specialists who collect and relay vital information required to maximize your reimbursement. On your behalf, our team will:

  • Verify insurance type

  • Outline surgical benefits

  • Describe primary care physician referral requirements

  • Obtain precertification

  • Follow up with Letters of Medical Necessity

  • Discuss referral requirements

By using Sequence Health appointment scheduling services, you’re paving the way for efficiency and positive patient experiences, delivering smarter care every step of the way.

Call 888.986.3638 to ask about medical insurance verification solutions from Sequence Health. Or contact us online.