Smarter care
every step of
the way.

From beginning to end, Sequence Health offers a comprehensive patient tracking system that allow you to track every lead as you nurture and convert them into patients. Our lead and patient tracking solutions enable you to manage patient leads, streamline patient intake, and organize patient information.

We offer Sequence, an easy-to-use, fully configurable, HIPAA-compliant software as a service (SaaS) solution enabling you to optimize care coordination for every patient. This responsive platform seamlessly integrates with existing electronic medical record (EMR) technology and allows you to manage the information that matters most to your healthcare brand and to your patients – in real time. Information intake, appointment scheduling, and outreach efforts are simplified with our comprehensive patient tracking software known as Sequence, a solution that ensures your patient tracking system is smarter every step of the way.

  • Track potential patient leads
  • Analyze lead sources
  • Manage patient intake and event registration
  • Leverage marketing efforts with comprehensive reporting
  • Provide real time data on marketing campaigns
  • Schedule appointments, follow-ups and reminders
  • Securely record patient information

For more information about our lead and patient tracking system or to request a demo, complete our online contact form or call 888.986.3638.

Download our Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how our Sequence platform help to add $1 million in annual profits.