Medical Device Manufacturers Acquire and Track Patients with Solutions from Sequence Health

Connect and empower customers by engaging in medical device care compliance and educational communication, ensuring proper use of your device to allow patients to realize healthy results. Sequence Health provides strategies to help your business acquire new clients, manage your growing clientele, and empower consumers to complete and comply with any process needed to meet care compliance guidelines and to improve outcomes. 

Let Sequence Health build a solid marketing plan for your device and provide robust customer support when patients and healthcare professionals contact you to learn more. Sequence Health offers the tools and support to ensure your patients experience recovery that is smarter every step of the way.

Acquire Patients through Digital Media

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Manage Your Patient and Customer Base with the Sequence Platform

Capturing leads is only half the job. Once a lead becomes a customer, managing your business requires even more strategy. At Sequence Health, we offer Sequence, our highly customizable software that makes data entry so much easier than before. Our HIPAA-compliant program allows for anyone with authorized access to easily review information on both a granular level and as large data demonstrating shared traits: location, age, gender, or weight, to name a few.

Empower Patients to Realize Healthy Results

Medical device manufacturers are constantly driving customers to comply with procedures for optimal results and comply with at-home and follow-up care. Sequence Health helps you educate customers on the procedures needed to receive and properly use a medical device. Patient care coordinators in our Medical Call Center will talk to your customers in every phase of the care continuum. Our staff handles initial contact, appointment reminders, or final consultations for medical device companies just like you. Our one-on-one method can be seamlessly tied with our configurable software platform, Sequence, which helps organize information tracking and record management. Tracking and managing leads as they convert to satisfied customers has never been easier.

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