Propel Your Program to the Next Level

Successfully grow your program without having to hire an army of people to help you acquire, manage and engage patients.

Our Healthcare CRM Platform has an arsenal of tools that seamlessly take patients through your process from registering with your program through a procedure and beyond.

You’ll easily be able to track patients through an episode of care, to stop patients from falling through the cracks… leading to:

  • Increased number of surgeries
  • Shorter time to surgery

Our cutting-edge, scalable software is configurable, so it works well with any specialty including bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, and women’s health.

Are you ready for a growth spurt?

Patient Acquisition | More Leads, More Patients, More Procedures

Our digital Patient Intake Forms make it easy for prospects to register with your program directly from your website.  Our platform also allows you to integrate online patient educational videos into your patient intake process, helping to activate and qualify prospective patients.  You’ll have dashboard visibility into your entire universe of leads and where they are in your process, and be able to quickly view patient-level information, so you won’t lose track of anyone in your patient pipeline.  It’s easy to follow up and make appointments… converting more prospects to patients.  You’ll also be able to track the results of your marketing campaigns because you’ll know where your patients are coming from, so you can spend marketing dollars more wisely.

Patient Management | Managing Patients Made Simple

With Sequence you will know where each patient is in your care delivery process, and how long they have been there… helping you identify and address bottlenecks to accelerate the flow of patients through your program.  Our platform is flexible, so we will configure the patient pathways to conform to your workflows, allowing you to easily track patient progress through each step of care.  Use our cloud-based platform as the hub to coordinate patient care across disparate care teams and locations.  The platform allows you to assign tasks by role to organize daily workloads, helping to maximize your staff’s productivity.

Patient Engagement | Engaging Patients Can Take a Lot of Time… Not Anymore!

Easily inform, motivate, engage and re-engage patients via phone, text or email. Set up automated engagements, so you can spend less time managing communications with patients.

Support & Services | Partners for the Long-Haul

Our implementation team will do an on-site assessment to understand how your program operates, so we configure the Platform to fit your specific needs. We will then come on-site to train your team, as well as provide ongoing support. Your success is our top priority!

We have additional services available to further grow your program.

Learn more about our other patient acquisition, patient management and patient engagement services that seamlessly integrate with our platform or can be used a la carte.

Medical Call Center

Digital Marketing


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