Streamline Your Patient Management Process. Increase Surgery Volumes.
Enhance Patient Satisfaction.

Sequence Health’s patient management solutions include our revolutionary healthcare CRM platform and best-in-class medical call center, the top picks for hospitals and practices around the country.

Our ultra-effective patient management tools and services…

  • Help prevent patient drop off, so patients stay on track to surgery
  • Lead to increased surgery volumes and revenue
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Lead to better patient experiences

We’re committed to delivering personalized solutions that work for any specialty including bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, and women’s health.

Let us help you coordinate patient care without missing a beat!

Our Patient Management Tools and Services

Healthcare CRM Platform | Patient Management Software That’s Sophisticated, Yet Simple

healthcare CRM platformOur customer relationship management platform is the ultimate technology for streamlining your patient management.

While our platform is packed with powerful care management functionality for the entire patient journey, it is also easy-to-use, configurable and scalable to meet your program’s needs.

Our HIPAA-compliant software has a host of tools which make it easier than ever to manage patient care:

  • Lead & Patient Tracking
  • Customized Patient Pathways
  • Automated Engagement
  • Outreach and Reminders
  • Patient Care Coordination
  • EMR Integration

Streamlined Patient Tracking

Medical Call Center | Expand Your Staff by Using Our Staff to Help Manage Patients

We are not just a medical answering service, we can help you manage your patient care.

We have clinical and non-clinical staff that serve as an extension of your team, answering your phones during and after business hours, so patients don’t have to wait and your team can focus more on other tasks.

HIPAA-compliant, well-trained Call Center coordinators and nurses assist your patients with the same empathy and compassion as your own team, as well as work within your EMR and our Platform.

Increase your efficiency & productivity, as well as enhance patient experiences with our patient management services:


  • Nurseline (Registered Nurse Assistance)


  • Appointment Management
  • Insurance Verification
  • Marketing Response
  • Patient Care Coordination

Take Patients off Hold

Managing patients is only a part of the patient continuum. How do you find and acquire new patients? How do you continually engage them to provide seamless care, so they don’t fall through the cracks?

See Sequence Health’s solutions for patient acquisition and patient engagement that are Smarter Every Step of the Way.™


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