Medical Educational Videos

Easily educate and engage with online medical educational videos, so more leads convert to patients.


Today’s Problem: It is so difficult to stay in touch with your patient base and keep them engaged on an ongoing basis. You’re only able to educate your patients when they come to see you in clinic. Oftentimes, this may take away from those who really need critical care services or from booking more new patient appointments.

It’s particularly difficult to manage long-term patient education when multiple steps of care are required.

How can you effectively tie patient education and patient engagement together with your patient’s current step of care?


Our Solutions: Americans watch approximately 40 billion online videos each month. Video is the mainstream education method because it holds people’s attention, and it can be watched over and over to help with retention. Watching a video is much more engaging than reading a clinical white paper. Simply put, video informs, makes an impression, and is the most effective means of patient engagement.

With that said, not every medical video online is effective. There are lots of medical educational videos out there that are not impactful, resulting in leads clicking off and moving on to another program. Sequence Health’s compelling videos will resonate with your online leads so more leads will convert to patients. Healthcare video marketing is extremely effective when you have the right videos in place.

We also create medical videos geared toward maintaining ongoing communications and education with your patients through every step of their care pathway.

With your video education process, you now have the ability to present current and relevant video-centric information to your patients based on their specific step of care and their associated treatment plan.

Patient education made easy. Instead of traveling to your office for a class or having to read patient manuals, patients can watch an interesting video and hear directly from team members, as well as patients who have come before them.

Videos released at each step of care, not only educate your patients, but continue to engage them resulting in less patient drop off before treatment is completed.

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