At Sequence Health we help you with patient care coordination by streamlining all processes before, during and after your patient’s care. With our Sequence platform featuring automated messaging and IVR survey engagement tools, and supporting services including the Medical Call Center, you can synchronize all processes across departments, within medical teams, and among facilities within a healthcare system. Care teams and care plans are clearly coordinated and communicated with the patient, allowing you to improve relationships and provide the value-based care your patients expect.

Sequence Health not only delivers the technology you need to coordinate care for patient care coordination through an online dashboard, but we also support your patient/provider relationship through our Medical Call Center, 24/7 NurseLine, digital marketing and web-based educational outreach and more.

Benefits of a partnership with Sequence Health enable you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Decrease discrepancies
  • Comprehensively serve the patient from beginning to end
  • Provide assessments
  • Manage your patients and your care team in the most efficient way.

Patient care coordination through the Sequence platform allows you to improve the quality care your patients receive, and allows you to efficiently grow your practice to treat more patients.

Sequence Health helps you put the focus on financial leadership, meaning there is a focus on how much to risk and how much to manage the transition from fee for service to outcomes-driven care while continuing to manage cash flow.

Call 888.986.3638 today to learn more about patient care coordination solutions with Sequence Health. Download our Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how our Sequence platform helped to add $1 million in annual profits.