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Use Sequence Health’s streamlined engagement tool for patient retention, designed to mitigate risks and realize results for your patients and your business.

Keeping patients engaged in every step of the care plan is key to your success. Sequence Health promotes patient retention and results to ensure patient compliance throughout the care continuum. Patient compliance is often the factor that determines healthy outcomes. That's why the Sequence platform, with messaging and IVR survey features, provides you with an automated patient retention tool to measure and record outcomes and patient centered care. 

At Sequence Health, we help you encourage patients to embrace healthy behavior, such as attending follow-up doctor's appointments, adhering to medication instructions, and participating in ongoing patient education.

You want to improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction and retention. With Sequence Health you can view each patient’s status within their care plan and configure engagement strategies to keep patients on track to achieve the best possible outcomes. The Sequence solutions ensure your care delivery is smarter every step of the way.

To request a demo of our patient retention tool, contact Sequence Health directly by calling 888.986.3638 or reach us through our online contact form. Or download our Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how our Sequence platform helped to add $1 million in annual profits. 

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