Ensuring Pharmaceutical Compliance

As a leader in the pharmaceuticals industry, you have the power to influence both patients and providers; in order to position your product in the market, you must acquire, manage, and retain patients. You then have the responsibility to engage with them individually, working to promote medication adherence and ensure pharmaceutical compliance in order to realize positive results and meet regulatory guidelines.

Sequence Health joins your efforts to help remove barriers to compliance and encourage healthy choices. Leading pharmaceutical companies like yours are realizing optimal results thanks to the Sequence Health suite of solutions. Together we can ensure your patient engagement solutions are smarter every step of the way.

Manage Patient Compliance

Sequence Health offers strategies that organize and streamline patient data, records and purchase orders. We help execute FDA trials, coordinate prescription fulfillment and even provide medical advice from registered nurses on a 24/7 schedule. With our help, you can educate patients, manage their prescription orders, and successfully use cost-effective solutions for your pharmaceutical brand -- all this while ensuring compliance of pharmaceutical regulations. 

Sequence, our patient management platform, is designed to track patient progress and pharma compliance over time. Benefits include:

Coordinate patient intake and outreach efforts

Track and schedule reminders for patient treatment

Offer specific reporting following your patient's prescribed treatment

Coordinate all doctor's notes, medical histories and plans for a patient

Electronic Interactive Forms

Provide easy-to-use electronic forms so patients can easily complete required paperwork.


Let our 24/7 NurseLine and Medical Call Center representatives assist you with:

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Offering regular reminders and follow-up conversations

  • Settin up prescription refills

  • Locating medical facilities and emergency care