Re-Engagement Campaigns Improve Your Patient Acquisition and Retention Rates

Reconnect with past patients and providers by using relevant, enticing patient re-engagement campaigns designed to keep your practice and your quality care delivery on their minds. At Sequence Health, we help you re-engage with patients using our Medical Call Center, where care coordinators communicate on your behalf. With our around-the-clock call center, we can encourage people to once again receive the attention they need from you.

For our clients, we go beyond a phone call, and we drive a new connection by using different HIPAA-compliant methods to rekindle interest from patients and providers. Targeted, timely and valuable messages are carefully crafted and strategically sent via email, texts, and traditional mail through patient re-engagement campaigns.

Learn how you can set up patient re-engagement campaigns by contacting us at 888.986.3638 or online through our contact form.