Value-Based Care


The latest value-based healthcare initiatives put your organization at the crossroads
of innovation and intervention. Medicare’s CJR and MACRA programs require improvements in patient education, patient and care team engagement, quality outcomes, and workflow management efficiencies. 

The Sequence platform automates these processes, improving efficiency and
transparency into how your care team operates. Integration with disparate systems
and automated messaging provide real-time updates from multiple sources to keep
the entire care network up to date on each of your patient’s progress.

Why Sequence Is Your Value-based Solution

Sequence Health’s full suite of patient engagement solutions supports the overall
transition toward creating a meaningful, seamless patient experience where providers
engage the patient throughout their own path to wellness, identifying and managing
risks, and optimizing outcomes.

Sequence Offers Patient Engagement Beyond
Automated Technology to Meet Today’s
Value-based Objectives, Including:

  1. Focusing on processes and practices that deliver optimal results
  2. Reducing the time physicians and care teams spend on paperwork
  3. Ensuring healthcare technology is a tool, not a burden
  4. Bridging the gap between well-intentioned policy and a positive patient experience

Sequence offers the process automation and real-time analytics for each patient, the care
team, and the practice’s patient population, but the real value is in the relationship building.

Contact us to learn how you can manage the patient/provider relationship, mitigate risks, and nurture meaningful relationships throughout the care continuum with Sequence, your solution to the value-based healthcare initiatives. Also, download Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital case study to learn how our Sequence platform helped to added $1 million in annual profits.