Wellness/Preventive Reminders

When it comes to healthcare, it’s crucial that both physicians and patients take preventive measures. Our Sequence platform and Medical Call Center allow you to engage with your patients to deliver the support needed to inspire action toward wellness.

Precautionary moves such as early detection, prompt treatment and continued care can mark the difference between a patient's failure and success. With wellness and preventive measures and reminders, you can help reduce unwanted outcomes, and instead drive healthy and positive results for yourself and for patients.

Sequence Health provides several ways to engage with patients, and encourage each person to take an active role in their own healthcare. We customize our Medical Call Center, RN-staffed NurseLine, and patient management software, called Sequence, to help you remind, connect, and succeed with your patients. Our care coordinators will reach out to patients with a phone call, email reminder or a text message to remind them of the wellness steps and preventive measures they can – and should take – for positive outcomes. As an extended branch of your brand, we can help you with solutions that are smarter every step of the way:

  • Encourage preventive exams and screenings

  • Share health and wellness tips

  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments

  • Engage patients and their families in ongoing health education

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